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Google Plus What’s All The Fuss About?

Wonder what Google+ is like? Couldn’t get an invite or you did and can’t get in and want to know what your missing? Check it out here’s just a few things to keep your mouth watering for Google. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Lady Gaga A True Onna Otaku

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I’m surprised to say I actually enjoyed the Lady Gaga Monsters Ball Tour concert Friday night at MGM Grand in Vegas. What a crazy show – it first started with a dive opening band ‘Scissor Sisters’ a New York/British gay … Continue reading

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Are you really a Geek? 54 Things Geeks Should Know.

Some people say it loud and proud to be geeks…  Are you one of those persons or are you just a wanna be geek?  I must say if  you don’t know how to do these things or understand what they … Continue reading

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Have you seen an Itasha or Itai motorcycle?

Itasha (痛車(いたしゃ))  The word itasha, which literally means “painful car,” is derived from the kanji for itai (”painful”) and sha (”car”). The word also appears to be a reference to the Italian sportscar, also known as itasha (although the ita … Continue reading

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