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It’s The End of the World, As We Know It!

So it you haven’t heard already ‘It’s the End of the World’ – well tomorrow.  Not sure exactly what time but there is so much buzz from Timbukto to Papua New Guinea – don’t ask!  I had one song in … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse

As luck would have it, the skies cleared up this evening for us to be able to view and appreciate the lunar eclipse. What makes this eclipse so special is that it coincides with the winter solstice, an event that … Continue reading

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Opera Mini finally!

Mini Opera app So it’s not Apple OS 4.0 but the days to multi-tasking are getting close. I finally heard thru the grapevine that Opera Mini is now a free app to download from iTunes to your iPhone. It only … Continue reading

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Adobe Creative Suite 5 is here!

Have you registered to take a look at CS5? As a designer and developer I’m very excited to see the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.  Today at 8am pst, Adobe will be announcing CS5.  I’m hearing designers ask the typical … Continue reading

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AC/DC: Highway to Hell

Last of the videos and all I have to say is “Thank You AC/DC” for giving us good ol’ Rock-n-Roll! There really is nothing like it and I’m happy to be getting emails from fans that shared the show with … Continue reading

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AC/DC: Angus Young showing off

Angus Young a Scottish born Aussie who shows how he rocks with his guitar. Now you know why he was awarded in the Hall of Fame What do you think the man has mastered the guitar!

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AC/DC: Thru the years

AC/DC has been around since 1973.  Below is a video I took at the concert of their album covers.  Enjoy! Do you have a favorite AC/DC album and song?  Don’t be shy and share!

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