Google Plus What’s All The Fuss About?

Google Plus 1st Generation User

(Photo credit: Google Plus)

I must say I’m impressed with Google+ compared to Facebook + Skype.  Wonder what Google+ is like?  Well, the wait is over and a few of us lucky Otaku’s have Google+ and are testing it and so far enjoying what we see.  You can use Google+ on your desktop and on your smart phone.

Some of the cool features is you can select a circle of friends, family, workmates, geeks, whatever you want to call your circle of 10.  You can do a 10 person video chat at the same time called ‘Hangout’, watch a YouTube video together at the same time, share comments and edit anytime, select your own ‘Spark’ to keep you up to date with your favorite things.  You can search the apps say shopping, share images, find places, check your Gmail and calendar, documents, tasks and so much more.  Uh ya beat that Facebook + Skype 1-on-1…LOL!  Nice job Google I knew those Silicon Valley Otaku’s knew what they are doing.  Very nice.

If you’re wondering if you can use this on your smart phone you can.  There is already an Android app and coming soon an iPhone app.  For those of you like me who can’t wait for an iPhone app you can always select ‘Add to Home Screen’ to have it ready to Rock-n-Roll.

I won’t go into details about Google+ but as you can see below from my screen shots it’s pretty shiny!  ii shigoto da!

Dohki's got Google+ on the iPhone

(Photo credit: Shiny Otaku iPhone)

Google Plus Home Screen

(Photo credit: Shiny Otaku iPhone)

Google Plus Search

(Photo credit: Shiny Otaku iPhone)

Google Plus Apps

(Photo credit: Shiny Otaku iPhone)

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