Happy Birthday To Lady Gaga A True Onna Otaku

Lady Gaga

I’m surprised to say I actually enjoyed the Lady Gaga Monsters Ball Tour concert Friday night at MGM Grand in Vegas. What a crazy show – it first started with a dive opening band ‘Scissor Sisters’ a New York/British gay band. They were pretty good did at least 6-7 songs then the craziness started. By the word craziness I mean amazing show I’ve never seen something like that ever.

I use to think Lady Gaga was an artist who lip synced or was trying to be like Madonna or some other pop singer but after watching her concert and her video I really admire the hard work this talented humble musician has done. Lady Gaga Rocks! I haven’t heard an artist put time in writing every lyric, making music, working day and night with producers to make music then singing not lip singing to her audience and giving the best 2 hours she can give. Wow! Ever want to go to a concert and get your money’s worth go to a Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour concert it’ll change your thoughts on her. ┬áCheck out some of the cool audience pictures from the concert below the Google Goes Gaga video.

ShinyOtaku | Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour| Las Vegas - Kick MeShinyOtaku | Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour| Las Vegas MGM Grand

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