Find Out What 3 Photo Editor Tools You Can Use For Free!

I’ve been asked what photo editing tools that’s free and user friendly.  Well here are three terrific sites that’ll blow your mind!

If you’re planning on cleaning up those photo’s you’ve taken on your recent trip and need a quick crop, color adjustment or add some fun text check out what Photoshop Express Editor can do for you.  Using the ‘Edit’ tools you can crop, resize, auto correct, fix that red-eye, touchup and saturate.  You can also ‘Adjust’ your image changing the white balance, highlight, dodge, burn, sharpen or soften your image.  To be creative you can use the ‘Effects’ to crystalize, pixelate, add pop color, change the hue, change your images from color to black & white, add tint, sketch or even distort.  For the finishing touches you can decorate your photo with text, bubbles, add fun icons, expressions and even add a frame.  Not bad for a free program right!

For those of you that want to quickly resize your image for web purposes with no fluff the best site to use for this feature is Resize it!  You can resize your images in portrait, landscape, crop or use the advance photo tool in a couple of easy steps.

Last but least, if you’re thinking of creating your own photo try Pixlr editor.  It’s somewhat similar to Adobe Photoshop without the special FX tools. You can manage your images in your browser for free anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Now you know the three cool photo editor free tools.  I hope you enjoy editing your photo’s and if you happen to have a favorite photo editor tool that I haven’t mentioned or you’ve tried one of the cool tools above let me know.

Happy Photo taking!

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