CES 2012 Shiny Bag To Go

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CES 2012 starts January 10th it’ll be my second year attending and I’m so ready to jump right in and geek out and rub shoulders with all the geek tech professionals.  If this is going to be your first year there are a few items you definitely want to take with you.  I told myself I’m going light but I also want to make sure I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way.

1. Tumi Backpack not too bulky but enough to carry and move around easily.  At times walking thru the aisles it can get quite crowded so best is not to bring a big backpack that’ll take too much space.

2. Notepad, for those moments you are not able to whip out your laptop it’s always good to write notes and draw sketches of what you hear, see and can touch.

3.  Pens, I prefer the all in one pen that have blue, black, red and green ink.  When you need to highlight conferences or cross off the map where you have been or need to go write down notes it’s great to have a pen that can do all in one.

4. Sony Cybercam, it’s easy to handle, not heavy, fast and it’s an all in one camera that takes pictures and video’s.

5. Chargers, for my camera.  Definitely don’t want to run out of battery but if the time comes you can always find a plug and have a break or lunch and charge away.

6. Earbuds,  easy to wear and avoid all the loud noises in the aisles and also easy to take calls since there’s a microphone.

7. USB’s, incase you’re taking notes and need to share stories with another geek it’s easy to exchange information.  Just make sure there’s no personal information on your USB that’ll be shared with others.

8. Phone plug/USB, good to have incase you need to upload audio, video, photo’s or running out of battery you can plug your phone in for 30 minutes while taking a break and recharge.

9. Macbook Pro cord, good to have in case you need to charge your laptop.

10. Business cards, when you are out and about rubbing shoulders networking is always a must.  Its a great way to meet fellow geeks and also a great way to win prizes and get on the email list of items you are interested in.

11. CES Card, Uh ya this is a must to have to get in no need to explain.

12. MacBook Pro, I’m ready to start blogging, sharing photo’s, video’s and skype if needed.

13. Instant Starbucks, great when you need a quick pick me up and the only coffee they are serving is crappy house blend coffee.

14. Wet Ones, Never know what you touch or who’s hand you shake. You don’t want to get sick.  Plus if you have lunch around CES and there’s no bathroom to wash your hands it’s always great to have these on hand.

15.  Cliff Bar, If you are getting hungry and at a conference that’s about to start the best is to grab a quick bite to fill that hungry tummy for at least the hour.  Food at CES is not the greatest plus it’s also expensive.

16.  iPhone 4, Always good to have those apps saved and ready to go in time of need.  Also, has a pretty good audio and video app to use when you’re in a hurry to get some good content.

17.  Blackberry, it’s my work phone and backup phone to use when in need for using apps for CES and communicating with my team at CBS.

A few other items that are good to bring: Advil for headaches, sore muscles. Chap stick – it’s windy and it’s  desert, gum or Altoids – noone likes stinky breathe, water and of course money incase you see something you may want to buy.  Last but least wear sneakers cause there’s lots of walking and be prepared to sit anywhere – there are time’s you just need to take a break and there are no seats available.

Links to bookmark:  CES 2012 Floor Map

Last years CES 2011 preparation and tech.

If I’m missing anything please let me know.

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