Comic-Con 2010

Nerdvana is about to start in 1 day…  Can you feel the geek vibes ready to squeel for four full days at the site of all the actors and actresses that will be in Comic Con?  Not familiar with Comic Con? Let me give ya a short over view of history in the making.  Comic Con first started March 21, 1970.  It started with 145 people attending to buy and sell comic books.  As years have gone by it grew and grew and is not the biggest event that invades ALL of San Diego.  Every corner you turn or look down you’ll see a character in costume or a sign of Comic Con.  If you ever want to party with the geeks Comic Con is the place.  Last years attendance was 126,000 yes that is 126,000.  No not all were Twilight fans – true Comic Con fans don’t really like the screaming teenagers that run over people at the first site of Robert Pattinson.

Some people think Comic Con is just for guys who shows off their girlfriends in some super tight villain or Princess Leia slave girl costume…  There are those but Comic Con is for all ages costumed and not.  It’s a place to go and geek out and show their appreciation for entertainment.  It’s a place where you see your favorite actors, actress, artist and directors and can ask them questions and take pictures with them.  The panels especially Ballroom H is the special room that everyone waits in a looooooooooooong line for hours and hours just to get a glimpse of their favorite person and to ask questions and see sneak peaks of the upcoming episode or movie and win special limited prizes touched by yours truly favorite actors/actresses.  It’s simple AWESOME!

If you plan on going take snacks and stop by the Starbucks inside to get your caffeine fix for a long day of waiting and screaming.  Snacks are pricy in the convention so it’s best to go to your local store and buy yourself energy bars and dump them in a backpack or big bag for you to carry.  Camera’s and video camera’s are a must to bring cause you never know who or what you’ll see.  There are tons and tons of AWESOME items on the exhibitor floor.  Some cheap and some super expensive and limited items.  It may sound crazy to pay $1,000 for a comic book but my best buddy did it and I truly understand his passion when it comes to comics and appreciation.  I just hope to find the 1st edition of Blade and possible get my hands on a True Blood comic that is limited.  Besides Comics and action figures and t-shirts there will be Lucasfilm art availabe – I definitely plan on walking away from Comic Con with someone’s terrific art work.

Comic Con San Diego is filled with outside events day and night and the stores and restaurants are all going to be packed with crazy costumes and fans.  If you’re hot hit Pinkberry (someone owes me a Pinkberry – MARSHALL!!!) or head to a local pub or restaurant and you never know who may be there or at the local bookstore for book signing.  Oh ya bring a pad of paper, a pen for signing and a pencil for sketching in case you bump into Stan Lee or some other AWESOME artist like Simone Legno.

Below are some links for you to geek out on…  If you’re going to Comic Con bring cash – ATM lines are a killer! Snacks, good walking shoes and make sure you have enough battery for your phone incase you get stuck in line and need to call your friends to stand in line for a few minutes while you go potty otherwise you’ll want to kick yourself and may loose your spot in line.

Now… Let the force be with you all during Comic Con and let’s GEEK OUT!

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