The meaning of “Droid” & “Android”

A Galaxy Far Far and Away…  The word ‘DROID’ was created.  By who says Yoda!  Guess do you!

By C-3PO?  R2D2?  Nope!  Give up?

That’s right Star War fanboys and girls it’s created by George Lucas hello Star Wars ‘DROID’.  The word ‘Droid’ is licensed to Lucasfilm LTD.  How cool is that!  The word was more likely used in Star Wars as mechanical robots and “Android” meant having human features.  Wow Wow Wee now you know some Star Wars Geek technology that is out there ready for you to grab and be a real part of the George Lucas world…  Whoa!  I think I’m gonna have to drop the iPhone and get me a Droid or an Android!

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2 Responses to The meaning of “Droid” & “Android”

  1. While Droid is trademarked by Lucas Films, Nexus, yet another Android phone, is licensed by the creators of Blade Runner. We all know what Nexus is right folks?

    Live long and prosper,


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