Apple Fanboys

Are you a Fanboy?  Do you know one?

I’m beginning to wonder if owning all these Apple gadgets makes me fall in that category of an Apple Fanboy.  What do you think?

I didn’t start owning Apple products as a young Padawan – I actually started with a Commodore 64 then slowly moved my way up from Compaq, Dell, HP then to Apple.  When I started attending The Art Institute in San Francisco in a galaxy far far away I had no choice but to learn how to use an Apple.  All my classes had an Apple that’s what new media design students do and they do it best on an Apple.  I hear a lot of people saying Windows is just as good as a Mac – well I’m sure but I have three words to say…  Apple boot camp!  That’s right boys and girls Apple boot camp you can have a Mac and Windows all in one happy little Apple desktop or laptop.  A Mac is great for new media graphic designers and with Apple boot camp you can switch over easily to use Windows. Now can HP, Dell, Sony Windows user switch to a Mac? I think not Padawans.  Now you know where the force lies and why I love my Apple.  Owning an Apple gives me the flexibility, the peace of mind of having less viruses and oh the looks are a plus.

So now that you’ve hopefully watched the video above and read my point of view – what do you think?  Am I an Apple Fanboy or just an Otaku who loves pretty convenient products?

Let the force be with you when you watch Fanboys

For those of you that love their Apple and want to show it off check out 101 T-Shirts for Apple Fanboys.

Oh and btw…  If you haven’t seen Fanboys I highly recommend watching it – Netflix it or Buy it – it’s two thumbs up for the geeks.

About Shiny Otaku

Creator of Shiny Otaku. Webmaster for CBS Radio in Las Vegas market. I write, I travel and I love new technology.
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2 Responses to Apple Fanboys

  1. Hi , I’m Ana, an English teacher too. You’ve been mentioned on my blog as one of the blogs which is worth visiting.

    • Shiny Otaku says:

      Hi Ana,

      Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate your mention of my blog – that is very nice of you. I try to keep up with blogging but since I am a full time Webmaster for CBS Radio it’s sometimes hard for me to peel myself away from work and the web and concentrate on me. 🙂

      What grade English do you teach? How do you like teaching? I hear in the news that Las Vegas schools are having a hard time. I sometimes think it may be the parents not discipling their children to learn – i’m not sure. I do admire teachers you guys are the ones to teach the new generation how to be proper and learn.

      Thank you again and I hope you have a terrific day.


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