Opera Mini finally!

Mini Opera app

So it’s not Apple OS 4.0 but the days to multi-tasking are getting close. I finally heard thru the grapevine that Opera Mini is now a free app to download from iTunes to your iPhone. It only took me seconds to download and I instantly started playing with the app and surfing the internet.  I’m really digging this new web browser.  It’s refreshing to have a faster organized web browser that will get you where you want to go in a simple little touch.

My usual morning ritual after waking up is going online and checking what’s hot and new in our digital world and having this new web browser every where I go at my finger tips anytime has been AWESOME!

Below are some screen shots I took on my iPhone which shows you the features to Mini Opera and handy steps to customize.  If you want a faster browser I say download this app for free you don’t even have to connect to wifi to surf the internet quickly.

Mini Opera Thumbnails

One of the cool features of the Mini Opera browser is you can customize your thumbnails.  Being an Onna Otaku, I always want to be up to date on news, technology, the latest and greatest designs, shiny gadgets and programming.  Every morning my ritual is to read atleast one article from my favorite sites to get my juices flowing.  Below are some instructions on how to customize your own thumbnails. You are only able to customize 6 thumbnails to your liking so knock yourself out and customize your dashboard. Below are four easy steps for you to follow.

1.  hold down on a thumbnail

2. when you see a black little screen that says Clear & Edit select Edit

3. type in the URL and click Done

4.  Voila!  You have created your shortcut to your favorite site!

Mini Opera drop down menu

What a refreshing feature…  Have you ever tried using Safari and wondered how in the daylights are you going to see your history of visited sites?  Wait no longer padawan it’s all magic to your fingertips.  All you do is select the drop down icon next to Google and the drop down menu shows your options like Google, Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia, etc…  You can either type in your URL or select from the bottom.  NICE!

So now that you have seen the main two cool features of the Opera Mini browser what do you think?  Pretty slick right? Ready to hear about the negatives of Opera Mini?  There’s always two sides to see…  Now for the negative.

1.  Scrolling – sometimes it’s a bit jumpy and a little rough when scrolling up and down.  There is no double top tap option (like in Safari) to send you directly to the top of the article.

2.  No double tap to zoom in – although if you hold down the image long enough it will give you the option to Open Image, Save Image… or Select Text (huh?  kinda strange since I selected an image and it’s asking me if I want to select a text… yah ok…)

Ok that wasn’t so bad was it?  Now for the last cool feature…  Yes I saved it for last.

Mini Opera Tools

Mini Opera Tools

To get to the tools all you have to do is select the icon that looks like an arrow facing up with a line on top and then select the tool icon and then you’ll get a pop up dashboard.

Here you can bookmark your favorite links, click on history, Start Page, view Saved Pages, Settings, Find in Page, and a Help section incase you have questions.

So now that you’ve seen a sneak peak and seen what some of the features are what do you think?  Is this a better web browser than Safari?  Are you going to try it and make it your default web browser?

I’m sure in due time they will get rid of the glitches  like any new gadget tool.  For now happy surfing the internet my lil Padawans!  Shiny Otaku out!

About Shiny Otaku

Creator of Shiny Otaku. Webmaster for CBS Radio in Las Vegas market. I write, I travel and I love new technology.
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2 Responses to Opera Mini finally!

  1. Rikki says:

    It’s pretty sweet and I too downloaded it the minute it came out. Hugs!

    • shinyotaku says:

      I found out you can somewhat multi-task… I listen to KGO in the morning on my iPhone so I stream that thru Safari’s web browser and I use Mini Opera to surf the web at the same time so no interruptions. Now I really can’t wait for Apple to hurry and give us those goodies they promised for OS 4.0.

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