Proper Otaku diet program


Can I place an order for one of these Geek-a-Cycles???

I’m usually at work 8-9 hours a day programming, designing and controlling content. If you’re like me butt in chair staring endless hours at the screen to get things done you’ve probable looked at the mirror early morning and said “Damn! How did I gain weight!” I don’t eat as much what’s up with that? I saw this picture and thought wouldn’t it be cool to have this in the office to work out – wonder how much would it cost to have an ergonomic evaluation at the office and could I get me one of these cool desks? How cool would that be!

Proper Otaku diet program

See if you can do one of these steps to help burn calories and stay moderately active. What steps do you usually do daily or weekly? Do you count calories and if so how?

  • 100 calories burned per hour sitting in a chair “working”
  • 5 calories burned riding an elevator up twenty-seven flights
  • 100 calories burned per hour watching TV or surfing the Internet at home
  • 750 calories burned for eight hours of sleeping
  • 25 calories burned walking up five flights of stairs (+35 calories burned “cooling”)
  • 150 calories burned walking a dog for twenty minutes (Note: It was a slow walk, the dog kept stopping to go tinkle.)
  • 9 calories burned brushing teeth for 3 minutes
  • 28 calories burned washing dishes for 10 minutes
  • 79 calories burned driving for 30 minutes (depending if you get road rage)
  • 79 calories burned taking a shower for 15 minutes
  • 163 calories burned walking 3 mph
  • 633 calories burned bicycling/biking for an hour
  • 257 calories burned doing archery for an hour (depending on how fast your target can run)
  • 524 calories burned jogging for an hour
  • 79 calories burned talking on the phone
  • 108 calories burned having sex (foreplay – don’t do this at work ew!)
  • 207 calories burned dancing fast ballroom
  • 660 calories burned in forty minutes of weightlifting
  • 700+ calories burned in fifty minutes on an elliptical trainer

Want to find out more just go here to calculate your calories burned. Rule of thumb eat a healthy meal, exercise more and the more we get motivated to get that skinny Minnie body back.

About Shiny Otaku

Creator of Shiny Otaku. Webmaster for CBS Radio in Las Vegas market. I write, I travel and I love new technology.
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