Saving media files

Saving your favorite files is an absolute must.  I was digging thru some boxes and what do you know I found my old iPod from way back in the day when I would take bart to travel to San Francisco for school…  I couldn’t remember what I had in that old iPod so thankfully I heard a little birdie tell me iRip!  If you’re not familiar with that program, it let’s you download your old iPod, nano or iPhone files to your computer.

If you’re looking for a place to save your files online one of the first things I look at is the amount of storage space/bandwidth/file size limit. Second, pricing which is something you have to consider and shop around. Finally, Features are the make or break factor. A few online places to go to are:, standard sharing between users that other services have, but on top of that offers mobile access, email uploading, and has anawesome free Facebook app for those on the go.

Storage limit: Free – 1 GB of web storage, 25 MB file size limit/Quick sharing and storage, file sharing links, mobile app access, basic OpenBox applications
$9.95/month– 10 GB of web storage, 1 GB file size limit/Premium OpenBox applications, faster uploads, email/phone support
$15/user/month – 15 GB web storage per user, 2GB file size limit/Simple project management, online file systems, enhanced collaboration

Mozy, takes aim at full computer backups.

Storage limit: Free – 2 GB store anything
$4.95/month – Protect all your music, photos, and other computer

Amazon S3 is a platform for developers to create their own implementations of the service.  If your not a developer this would be quite daunting to understand.  Pricing depends on storage and data transfers.

Apple’s Time Capsule is not an online storage but it’s very handy for files you want to keep close to you at all times.  You can save 1 TB to 2TB and you can place the capsule anywhere in your house since it’s wireless.

Word of advice save your files, if your computer should fail and you loose all your stuff you’ll feel better knowing your files are saved elsewhere.

I saved my voice-over files elsewhere, after all where in the world will I ever be able to do these funny voice-overs.  Click play below and have some giggles.

X-107.5 Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball

X-107.5 Coors Promotion

X-107.5 Strippers & Hustlers

X-107.5|Xtreme X-mas

98.5 KLUC Hannah Montana Promotion

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1 Response to Saving media files

  1. Rikki says:

    Good points although I’ve tried most online backups and I have to say that the initial setup takes the longest. I signed up for Mozy’s $9.95 per month plan. Being a photographer, I have tons of RAW files. My 40gb backup took a long time. Almost two weeks into backing up, I ended up cancelling the account. It simply took too long to upload. I ended up with a Drobo. Not the cheapest of backup solutions but it is redundant. I have over 4TB of data which would have taken years on Mozy. LOL! Drobo wad a good compromise. Plus it self monitors. If it detects bad sectors on the disk drives, it’s smart enough to send me an email notifying me of the situation before it gets any worse.

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