Daylight Savings time… ugh!

I wonder how many people dislike daylight saving time.  I do!  I don’t like missing an hours sleep and I don’t enjoy going around the house checking all gadgets in the house and then fixing the clock.  I think doing it almost may take an hour – another hour of fun time lost…  Ergh! After changing the times there are the reminder calls/emails letting family know it’s daylight saving time change your clock 1 hour forward… After saying that then the question comes… How do you change the clock on the microwave? oven? dvd? computer? radio?  eeeekkkk!!!  Guess what, there is website for that.  You thought I was going to say App right?  The website to go to is Retrevo and it helps you set whatever device you have.  Retrevo has over 100,000 brochures for your electronic device.  After all who really keeps their brochures after setting your gadget?  So, if your like me and know how to change your gadgets kudos to you, if you have family members that you know will call or when you visit them they will ask you and you’ll scratch your head thinking ummm I don’t know how to fix that well know you do it’s simply Retrevo.  Now I can go play knowing Retrevo is there to help those in need.  Kudos Retrevo!

About Shiny Otaku

Creator of Shiny Otaku. Webmaster for CBS Radio in Las Vegas market. I write, I travel and I love new technology.
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