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Motorola’s Droid phone is a new smart phone that came out November 6th.  The cost for the phone is $188 +  and you will have to buy a special data plan which will probable cost $100 to use for it’s full features.  I’d have to say after looking at the Droid phone in person and playing with it I’m not that impressed.  It has a flat qwerty keyboard with small buttons and a D-mouse when sliding the screen open.  When the screen is closed you get a virtual keyboard in portrait and landscape mode.  It’s screen is 480×854 pixel resolution and shows good images. There is a 5-megapixel camera with a dual led flash.  When you open the back cover of the Droid there is a micro sd card slot and with the phone purchase there is a 16 gb card.  The Droid also has on the top a 3.5 mm headphone jack for personal listening.

Motorola Droid is the most powerful and fastest Google Android device that’s been released to this date.  The features Android 2.0, get microsoft outlook and calendar, dedicated facebook and gmail app to your contacts.  No flash lite support but plug-in support adobe flash 10 player when available.  Google maps navigation beta app gives voice guided directions for free.  Google market place has 1200 apps availble.

The bad: Music player is very plain.  No world roaming capabilities as of yet and flat qwerty keyboard.


If you are looking for the top 3 smart phones as of this date the iPhone (clearly the leader with hundreds of apps and capability), Blackberry comes in second and the dark horse phone for people that are geeky and runs on Linux is Nokia N900 tablet phone excellent resolution powerful processors.

iPhone 3GS:  4.5 Otaku stars!

The good: iPhone 3GS features video recording (in less than 1 minute you can upload to YouTube, email or send thru mms), 3-megapixel camera with zoom features, Voice Control, up to 32GB of storage, compass, cut & paste features,  sms, mms, voice control, internet tethering, voice memo’s, stocks, Nike +iPod, YouTube, accessability features, Find my iPhone and remote wipe, safari, emails, landscape keyboard, AOL radio, alarm clock, world clock, weather and hundreds of different apps (some free some you have to pay).  It runs faster; its promised battery life is longer; and the multimedia quality continues to shine.

The bottom line: The iPhone 3GS doesn’t make a big leap from the  iPhone 3G but those that are leaping like myself from the  first-generation model to 3GS there is a major difference.  I love my first generation phone love the stainless steel back cover and it surely did it’s job for me, but the latest Apple iPhone 3GS I must say rocks!  Now all it needs is Adobe Flash Lite, USB transfer and storage and multitasking features  then I’d be one happy camper.

Blackberry Bold 9700:  4 Otaku stars!

The good: The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 boasts a sleeker design that includes an optical trackpad, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a brilliant display. The smartphone is 3G capable and offers Wi-Fi with UMA support, Bluetooth, and GPS. It also gets a faster processor and updates to BlackBerry OS 5.0.

The bottom line: The BlackBerry browser doesn’t compare to the competition. The handset’s compact size results in a smaller display and keyboard, but they aren’t deal-breakers.

Nokia N900: 4 Otaku stars!

Besides it’s phone features it’s much like a  personal computer running on linus.  This phone is truly for the Geeks to love and Otaku’s to enjoy. Nokia’s Linux-based Maemo operating system to offer multitasking, Web browsing, a touch screen, and slide-out keyboard.

The good: N900, has an ARM Cortex-A8 processor (600mHz processor), 3D graphics accelerator excellent for movies and games,  1GB of application memory, 32GB of storage (expandable to 48GB with a MicroSD card), and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Although Nokia dubs the device a tablet, it measures 4.4 inches by 2.4 inches and features a 3.5-inch widescreen display (800×480 pixels).  It is equipped with a Mozilla browser and Adobe Flash 9.4 support, the device provides 10/2 High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) for mobile broadband speed, along with wireless LAN connectivity.  The N900 also sports a 5-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens.

The bottom line: Pricy for $649 but then again you get what you paid for.

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